What is "flow"?

In the context of time, "flow" refers to time passing smoothly and effortlessly. It is a state of being fully immersed and focused, where one loses track of time. It's a feeling of being present in the moment, fully absorbed by what is happening around us. Flow is necessary for creating an organic wedding timeline.

When we think of an organic wedding day, we think of authentic emotions and candid moments. We think of an elevated celebration that prioritizes the couples and their guests' experience. In order for a day to exist, a timeline must be the skeletal structure. Whether you are planning your timeline on your own or with a planner, these tips below will allow for better flow on your day.

Plan for More Time

Always build in extra time for activities throughout your timeline. Whether it's makeup, hair, or those special unplanned moments, things inevitably take longer than expected. By planning ahead and incorporating plenty of breathing moments into your schedule, you'll invest in a more relaxed day.

Share Your Timeline

Communication is always crucial, especially for weddings. Share your timeline with the wedding party, vendors, parents, and anyone else involved in your wedding celebration at least a week in advance. This proactive step helps to eliminate a lot of day-of questions and, hopefully, reduces any last-minute problems that haven't been thought through. Opt for providing a digital copy, as it allows for quick access and review, ensuring everyone has a rough idea of what's happening and when, right at their fingertips.

Hire Vendors for Extra Time

When booking vendors, always hire them for more time than you think you'll need (or at least check to see if their booking policy is flexible with adding on additional time if necessary). Having cushion room at the beginning and end of the day allows for time to communicate any day-of needs or expectations. This extra time also enables photography and videography teams to familiarize themselves with your wedding party, parents, other vendors, and venue, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved. While most vendors will arrive early, having this as a built-in necessity for your timeline eliminates un-communicated expectations on your end.

By incorporating these tips into your wedding planning process, you'll not only create space to savor every moment but also ensure a elevated experience for you and your guests. So, build in spaces, plan with intention, and let the beauty of your wedding day unfold organically.

photos by Eden Xuân