Mornings can make

...or break your day.

A good cup of coffee,

Sun is shining,

A slow start.


You're running behind schedule,

Traffic is jammed,

Burnt your toast.

How you start your day matters.

Your wedding day is no different.

So why not make it the best that it can be? Why not start one of the best days of your life with a memorable and personalized morning? Rather than adhering to the traditional routine of getting ready at the venue, consider alternative activities that will allow you to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Intimate Moments With Your Significant Other

Why not start your wedding day with moments of intimacy and connection? Share a serene morning with your significant other by going on a leisurely walk, basking in the quietude of the early hours. Engage in meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee at your favorite spot, or perhaps spend the time being sentimental and writing your vows together. Consider getting ready together – if you’re not afraid to be a little untraditional! This time allows for you to share in the excitement of preparing for the big day - together.

A Morning with the Girls Beyond the Venue

For brides who wish to celebrate the morning with their closest friends but sitting in a room for hours upon hours doesn’t sound appealing, stepping outside the confines of the wedding venue can be the perfect choice. Head to your favorite coffee shop for a cozy and relaxed start to the day or take a trip to the market together and handpick blooms for the bouquets. Complete the morning by going out for a delightful brunch, sharing laughter, and prioritizing the girls who have supported you through all the good and bad times to this special moment.

A Grand Family Breakfast Extravaganza

Imagine a slow morning with both of your families gathering for a heartwarming family breakfast. Delegate cooking to the skilled family members, by a private chef, or order-in from a nearby restaurant. This shared moment not only adds an air of sentiment to the morning, but also serves as a tender prelude to the day, emphasizing the significance of family and unity.


Whether you choose to spend the morning with your significant other in intimate bliss, with your girlfriends exploring town, or with all your loved ones at a heartwarming breakfast, these morning-of ideas promise a unique beginning to a full day. The perfect way to personalize your day a bit further and create space for intimacy, fun, and/or loved ones.