Wedding celebrations are taking place worldwide as we speak—some large, some small. While each has its advantages and disadvantages, it raises the question: which size is the best?

For those seeking a bespoke wedding experience, embracing intimacy is sometimes the direction for an unparalleled wedding experience. By prioritizing quality and intentionality, you can splurge on dream locations, extend celebrations beyond a single day, and invest in vendors who curate a truly heirloom experience.


You only celebrate these moments once, so host your wedding at a location that offers beauty, exclusivity, and a high-end experience for both you and your guests. With an intimate wedding, the opportunity to splurge on such a location becomes a reality, whether it's a majestic villa nestled in the countryside of Europe or a stunning beachfront oasis.


Why confine the joy of your special day to mere hours? Opting for an intimate wedding allows for the extension of celebrations beyond the constraints of a single day. Whether it's a weekend retreat or a week-long getaway, having a more selective guest list creates more flexibility for the length of your wedding.


Customize your wedding experience with vendors who prioritize quality and intentionality. From exquisite cuisine crafted by master chefs to the best storytellers in the industry, handpick professionals who will execute your vision with precision and care. By entrusting your celebration to experts, you’ll ensure a seamless experience for both you and your guests.

From selecting a dream location to extending festivities and curating a bespoke experience with top-tier vendors, the possibilities for creating a truly heirloom affair are endless. By embracing the concept of a more exclusive celebration, you can elevate the experience in its entirety. Quality often means less but for the sake of more. Regardless, do what will mean the most to you and your significant other. Your love deserves that.

photos by Eden Xuân