It often gets overlooked, but it's an essential part of the day.

It's a special time set aside during a wedding day when the celebration of two families coming together is photographed. These images usually occur after the ceremony and before the reception, providing lasting keepsakes for the newlyweds and their families.

During the family portraits, the couple, along with their photographer, will work through a pre-planned list of family combinations to ensure that all important relatives are included in the pictures. Unfortunately, family portraits can often dampen the excitement and sentiment felt right after the ceremony. Due to their rushed and methodical nature, they often strip this activity of emotional intimacy, once-in-a-lifetime moments, and candid elements.

For couples who don't want their wedding to feel forced or inauthentic, what's a way to combat this conflict?

A wedding day can quickly become a series of back-to-back activities if couples are not intentional. Here are some ways to allow authenticity to be the center of your milestone moment:


If you are planning a destination wedding, consider hosting a welcome party or rehearsal dinner. These are great events that are intimate and full of excitement, providing a perfect moment to sprinkle in family portraits. You can opt for formal or candid photos with loved ones during this time.


Instead of transitioning to formal portraits directly after the ceremony, have your immediate family move into a designated area where you can intimately share heartfelt moments. This creates a safe space for tears, hugs, and laughter. It's a beautiful opportunity to have your photographer document the sacred moments and raw emotions, providing imagery that will transport you back into the overwhelming excitement and joy. Not only that, it's a great moment to pause and savor the sentiments of being newlyweds with your closest loved ones.

Family portraits don't have to be a burden or dreaded activity during a wedding. Instead, they can add sentimental value for the family and newlyweds, offering a space of emotional intimacy, once-in-a-lifetime moments, and candid elements. Will you consider any of these options for your special day?