In the heart of November's whimsical dance, Alaa and Shaz waltzed into a love story painted against the enchanting backdrop of The Met Cloisters in New York City. Picture this – medieval charm, rustling leaves, and two souls wrapped in the warmth of their affection. The historical architecture provided a captivating backdrop, echoing Alaa and Shaz’s fun, authentic romance.

Alaa's gorgeous emerald green gown and Shaz's coordinating suit popped against the medieval aesthetic, creating a striking image against the fall foliage. The intricate walkways became witnesses to stolen glances and laughter that echoed through the halls. Each frame captured the essence of fall at a secluded European castle, where the ancient met the contemporary, and love flourished amid it all.

The Met Cloisters, with its ornate arches and serene gardens, became not just a location but the perfect setting in the narrative of Alaa and Shaz's love story. Every photograph encapsulated the magic of that autumn day, where the two created memories, surrounded by the rich tapestry of history. The result was an engagement session that not only celebrated their love but also painted a vivid picture of romance amid the enchanting beauty of New York City in November.